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    Best Weekender Fashion Small Travel bags for ladies Women and Girls

    My wife was in search of a short trip bag and on searching on amazon India she found this eco-friendly bag. The title mentioned that Women’s Cotton Eco-Friendly Handmade Signature Graphic Design Printed Large Duffel Bag / Purse. But when I did some more research, I found that in the product description it’s mentioned that it’s made of synthetic, on Flipkart for the same bag, they mentioned that it’s a canvas. However, on reviews, I read buyers think it’s a made of cotton. Eco friendly bags online india The answer largely depends on person to person when “eco-friendly” is brought up in discussion. Some people believe that eco-friendly refers to…

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  • kurta designs for female
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    Latest Types Of Stylish Designs of Kurti Patterns For Ladies to Look Best

    Nowadays I read that there are 30 to 40 types of designs in Kurti patterns in the market for women. Kurti is becoming more fashionable and popular among the ladies. Recently I have bought some Kurtis from amazon India. However, the selection is done by my wife after searching a lot. Below are some pictures and details with a link to buy them. This Kurti made of rayon quality with A-line style, the Kurti is soft on the skin for all-day use. Pair this Kurti with a pair of stylish heels and matching leggings, palazzo, or jeans for a complete casual look for a casual event, a party, or an…

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    Natural Alternative for Toothpaste and Toothbrush

    Traveling changed a lot of things in my lifestyle. I have almost stopped using chemicals, packed food in daily life, and more into an organic lifestyle. I was trying to find Natural alternatives and recently I bought this toothbrush and powder which I find very interesting, alternative to toxic toothpaste. Tooth powder was with Himalayan pink salt, brush with charcoal-infused in its bristles which I find very interesting. Charcoal toothpowder has 3 powerful natural ingredients which are Activated Charcoal Powder, baking soda, and Himalayan pink salt. Combine with a bamboo toothbrush with charcoal-infused in its bristles, what a combination! Activated charcoal has loads of benefits for teeth and bamboo toothbrush…

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    Outdoor Veranda Garden Lights

    Gesto 200 Watt Ultra Thin Slim Flood Outdoor Light Review We stay in a village and at night time outside around veranda sometime we used to see poisanus snakes. With normal lighting, it’s hard to see them so we keep out watchdog outside of the house, so dog barks as soon as it sees any snake. Later I started finding good lighting for outdoor veranda garden area just outside our main door. I find this 200 watt led light on amazon India. It has 14 rows of 15 LEDs each in a cluster. In total 210 LEDs. It consumes low electricity and a long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours…

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