Build Your Own Custom Laptop High Performance at Low Price in India

One of my cousin sister contacted me for laptop recommendation. She is doing a Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) [B.Des. (FD)] in Manipal Academy of Higher Education. She wanted high performing laptop for graphic design. When she searched in the market, she found that such laptops are priced around Rs 70,000 plus. But her budget was Rs 40,000. When I told her to buy used one, her mother was against it as she had a hard time with used things. So, she wanted a new laptop for photo editing under 30,000 or 40,000 maximum amount.

So I have started searching the market but I failed to find any. So I have decided to build it or you can say customize the laptop. She already had a Sony laptop with Intel i3 processor which had many issues like there was a line on the screen, laptop performance was slow, the laptop battery was almost dead, the keyboard was not working etc. So as Amazon India had an exchange offer for laptops,  I recommended exchanging her old laptop for new one.

In short, I have bought her an i5 processor laptop for Rs 40,000 which was with 4gb ram, GeForce 940MX Dedicated Graphics by exchanging her old sony laptop. I got around Rs 6,500 for her old laptop as a discount for buying a new one. So the new notebook cost her only around Rs 34,000.

I also bought an SSD, extra 8GB Ram and external hard disk casing. List of the items which I have bought for her is listed below.

➡️8GB Ram :
➡️Portable External Harddisk Casing :
➡️Solid State Drive (SSD) :

Please check below video to know how I have fixed them in laptop and other important information which will make a laptop performance very high which normally get it onnotebook which cost you Rs 70,000 plus.

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Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Stereo Sound Hands Free Mic – Boat Rockerz 275 Review

Boat Rockerz 275 Which is a Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Stereo Sound and Hands-Free Mic. First I will explain to you about features and specification.

Features and specification

This is a neckband style earphone, comes with a 12mm dynamic drivers and is powered by the CSR8635 chipset which claims to produce ample amount of sound while keeping the bass level high.

Rockerz 275 utilizes a gleaming housing, flexible headband, and an in-ear design to create a seal between the ear tips and your ear canal providing a locked-in, noise-isolating in-ear fit for any activity.

The earphones are equipped with Bluetooth version 4.1 and are IPX5 rated that offers sweat and water-resistant design.
It is having a 150mAh battery that promise to deliver up to 10 hours of playback. You can charge it to full within two hours and with around 20 minutes of charging can give a user up to two hours of run time. standby for around 200 hours.

why everyone’s making those neckband earphones?

With most wireless in-ears, all of that is typically put in an inline controller or stuffed in the earbuds themselves. When either of those are done poorly, it can throw off how the earphones balance their weight. They’ll look normal, but they’ll have a harder time staying comfortable. Here, there’s no concern about space. As a result, the most obvious benefit is that there’s more room to implement a bigger battery.

No more tangled cables – The base of the cable is stashed in the neckband, too, which means there’s less material to get tied together.
After lots of research, I found that because of the neckband, we get better battery life, no more tangled cables and earpieces become lightweight as battery and most of the electronics fixed in neckband. Which was true with Boat Rockerz 275. Even the neckband is very soft.

For the complete review, please watch this video

My Boat Rockerz 275 Review

I and my wife used it for some time and we found that it produces Crystal clear sound quality and this is a Best Noise-Canceling Earphone we used so far. the neckband is very soft. bluetooth pairing is simple. You can pair 2 devices at a time. Bluetooth range is strictly around 8 meters.
When connected device is not in the range, this headphone switches off automatically after a couple of minutes.
Bass excellent. The battery is good which lasts for around 8hrs. Magnets on each earpiece are good which helps to stick on to our body.
When you go far, playing a track on the device pauses automatically.
AptX is a codec that is enabled by default and no need to do extra setting for it.
In the box its written that it has a pouch in it but there’s no pouch in it.
Overall good for the money. Boat Rockerz 275 comes with 3 colors. Active black, electric pink and this one is intense pink. If you have a girlfriend, sister or wife, you can gift this one to her. She will like it for sure.

You can buy it using this Amazon India link

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Traveling in Indian Railways Unreserved and Passengers – Balista Joggers Review

I love to travel and especially in an unreserved general class train or in Passenger train. Because they are very cheap, kind of experience and I reach my destination. I do not look for so much comfort, but the main issue is safety. Safty of wallet, smartphone, bag etc.

Last time when I have traveled, I have was wearing Balista Joggers pants because they are having zipper pockets. I felt very safe to keep my wallet and smartphone in the pocket. The brand was unknown but tried my luck and found that the quality of the dress was comparable with major brands like Adidas, Nike etc. Which are super expensive to buy.

balistajoggersYou can buy them on Amazon India If you do not know, Amazon having very good after sale service. Even after my review, If those Balista joggers fails to impress you, you can just return the product within 10 days and get the full refund as per amazon return policy! Because of such a nice return policy, I feel secure to shop online on Amazon and their customer service is just amazing. You can chat or request a call, they will resolve your issue very fast. Way better online shopping experience than Shopclues, eBay…


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Patanjali Anti Bacterial Herbal HandWash Review

Personal Recommendation:
Consider finding products without additives, otherwise this looks fine.

Personal Opinion:
+ Very nice smell
+ The soap comes off the hands easily and leaves no noticeable residue
+ Product is sold as both a pump bottle and refill sachet
– 2 synthetic preservatives, perfume, and colour

(+ good, – bad, * neutral)

Plant medicine ingredients:
+ Azadirachta indica → Neem ⇒ clears toxins, antifungal, promotes healing
+ Ocimum sanctum → Tulsi or Holy Basil ⇒ antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and wound healing
Other ingredients:
◙ Aqua → water
◙ Gel base → …just one of those unknowns chalked up to trust
– Diazolidenyl urea → synthetic preservative ⇒ mild irritation for sensitive skin types
– IPBC → synthetic preservative ⇒ gastrointestinal and liver toxin, risks to human reproduction and development, risk of skin allergy
◙ Sugandhit dravya → aromatic substance ⇒ to improve the scent
◙ Permitted colour (CI: 15985)
◙ QS either referring to the base materials as a whole or specifically to the colour. Either way, it means ‘the amount which is enough’.

Information sources: Plants For A Future (PFAF), PlanetAyurveda, TruthInAging, AnnMarrieGianni, Google, Wikipedia, PersonalCareCouncil

Triclosan-free (synthetic additive found in other cosmetic products, including handwashes)

buy it

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Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Spa Facial Kit Review

Like a ‘fancy box of chocolates’ version of face creams.

+ The packaging is thoughtful, with some nice grasses and individual small containers and a nice box.
+ Soft skin noticed after 1 week of daily use.
+ Can make a nice gift due to packaging and the size.
Quantity of cream is small-to-moderate (15 or 25 grams each)
Likely to last a month or two if used daily
+ The experience of lemongrass is the most prominent of all the ingredients.

– The packaging is excessive from a ‘waste point of view’.
– Two of the creams appear to be the same in terms of look, smell, and feel.
– The face scrub is a bit sticky compared to other products in the home.
– It can be time consuming to use all 4 creams (5 minutes + 5 + 30 + … )

Other notes 
All four appear as the same with slight a change in colour and a very very very subtle change of smell. So subtle I’m more convinced it’s my mind telling me there is a difference rather than my senses actually detecting a difference in scent.

All textures are similar except for the scrub which has little micro beads of unknown material.

The quantity of cream is quite small. The directions say things like “apply a generous layer” or “apply a thick layer” which suggests that it will be used up over a short time.

The packaging appears to account for most of the weight of each container and the box uses a lot of packaging space for a small amount of actual product. Consider what you are actually buying here: a sample of a variety of creams.
May be useful as a gift or as a starting point and later if you like it you may wish to buy a larger version of the product if available.
We can see the reality of this packaging thing in how 3 of the containers each contain 15 grams of cream and the 4th contains 25 grams of cream, yet each container is the exact same size from the outside.

Spa Facial Kit

It’s sort of like a ‘box of fancy chocolates’ version of face creams…and all the chocolates are more or less the same except for the one with nuts…
Mostly it is the lemongrass experience that is noticed while using the product.

From Shreda:
Soft skin noticed after 1 week
Used every day
Takes time to do the full 4 of an hour..

Did you find a difference among 1,3,4?
1 and 3 are the same
2 is a face pack and is wiped off after 30 mins

Do you prefer 2 or the papaya cream?
Papaya cream. 2 is a little bit sticky

buy it


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