Nokia 109 Review After Using For 4 Years!

Nokia 109 Basic Mobile Review After Using it For 4 Year!

I bought this Nokia 109 mobile for my parents in Septemer 2013. This review I’m posting after my parents using Nokia 109 mobile since then and now also using it without any issue. This nokia mobile is for one who is looking for basic mobile with good call quality, best FM reception and for long battery life.

Nokia 109Nokia 105

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Nokia 104Nokia 102
At first it used to give 20 + days battery life and now also it gives around 8 days battery life in one charge. Never repaired, not replaced battery, working like new condition.

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Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

Very cute looking, light weight humidifier came with instruction manual. I use this as a bed room air freshner. Very easy to use and good quality product. I added 4-5 drops of The Balance Mantra Peppermint Essential Oil in a 500ml water bottle (in a water) and it gives nice aroma.

Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Humidifier Allin Exporters

Ultrasonic HumidifierUltra Quiet Humidifying Purifier

Water Bottle Humidifier

I’m really impressed by how compact this thing is. Other than that, when humidifier is on, colour keep on changing (check video attached with this review) My kid really liked it. Before buying, please check the pictures and video attached with this review. Click that “YES” if this review was helpful to you in anyway.

Recommended? : Yes

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Ice Blue Casual Shirt with Waistcoat Review

I bought this Ice Blue Casual Shirt with Waistcoat for Boys (4 years) from Amazon India. This is Very good quality product. Even after first wash, there was no colour bleed or fading problem at all! Pictures and video attached with this review is after first wash. Fits perfectly and value for money product. Before buying, please check the pictures and video attached with this review.

Ice BlueCasual Shirt with Waistcoat for Boys

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Micromax X607 Anniversary Edition Unboxing Review

I was looking for a very basic latest GSM mobile for my wife. Found this Micromax X607 and i bought it from amazon India. Very cute looking White Champagne Colour basic mobile just with a dedicated key for a torch, very soft buttons, FM radio when you connect a headphone, dual sim GSM and it’s from Micromax.

Micromax X607Micromax X607 Anniversary EditionMicromax

Micromax X607 Anniversary Edition, White Champagne Colour Micromax IndiaMicromax X607 basic mobile

Basic Mobiles

One of my favored feature is in this basic mobile which is schedule power on/off. By which I can set time to shut mobile on or off automatically at a specific time. As I removed from box today and started using it, I’ll update this review for with details on battery life and other things within few days.

Update 18th Feb 2017: Back cover was very hard for me to open. Before using the mobile, as per instruction, I have charged the battery fully. It takes 3-4 hours to charge it. Started the phone around 1pm on 11th Feb 2016 I used only one bsnl sim card, schedule power on at 6 am and off at 9:30pm. Turned brightness down and keypad volume down. Used it to add contacts and made 5-10 calls during those days. Call and FM reception is not good as Nokia 109 (my parents using it without any issue since 3-4 years). Battery low warning started at around 7:55pm on 17th Feb 2016. So approximately, 5-6 days battery life. If I compare it with Nokia 109, I’m very disappointed with a battery life.

Recommended? : Yes

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