Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream Review

I thought it might be useful to make clear which of the latin names correspond to the common language name in English, as only some were listed on the product, and the website does not contain this information in explicit form.
Also I’ve included a key medicinal action or a target condition for each plant medicine, in this way you can better know the allies you are working with to heal:

Dr. Juneja’s Roop Mantra

Latin name → Common English name ⇒ one possible medicinal action or target

Aloe vera → …latin name is the common name! :- O ⇒ speeds up healing
Ocimum sanctum → Tulsi or Holy Basil ⇒ treats dryness and pimples
Curcuma longa → Turmeric ⇒ treat acne and psoriasis (dry itchy skin)
Daucus carota → Wild carrot, Queen Anne’s Lace ⇒ anti-wrinkle
Pyrus malus → Paradise Apple, common apple ⇒ exfoliant (remove deal cells)
Citrus lemon or limon → Lemon ⇒ exfoliant
Cucumis sativus → Garden Cucumber ⇒ softens the skin
Prunus amygdalus → Almond ⇒ prevents wrinkles, pimples, and dry skin
Vitis vinefera → Common Grape ⇒ helps other ingredients to penetrate the skin
Glycyrrhiza glabra → Licorice ⇒ treatment of eczema
Azadirachta indica → Neem ⇒ a vehicle for other active ingredients
Santalum album → Indian Sandalwood ⇒ relief of acne and pimples

* Most of the above names and chosen attributes came from Plants For A Future (PFAF).
Other online sources included: PlanetAyurveda, HealWithFood, AstridaNaturals, HimayalaWellness, PaulasChoice, TruthInAging, and AlwaysAyurveda.

Ayurvedic Medicinal Cream

    • My opinion and experience (+ good, – bad, * neutral):
      Upon opening there are multiple recommendations to first wash with Roop Mantra Herbal Face Wash
    • Listed ingredients account for 15% of the contents…what’s the other 85%?

○ Q.S. = Quantum satis → “the amount which is enough”
○ Cream Base: Q.S. in this cases means 85% cream base
○ We aren’t told what is in the cream base…

+ There is a subtle scent that is quite nice
– Strong smells reminiscent of a chemical factory..or the bathroom section in a store
– The smell of creams and bathroom supplies in general is off-putting to me, and that comes out first and strongest, although the subtle scent makes for a nice buffer.

    • When applying there are a number of different smells:

+ First it smells quite nice and feels cool
– Then it smells pharmaceutical / ‘bathroom-cream products smell’
– It feels a bit prickly and I think to myself that my body doesn’t enjoy this, so I wash it off…

+ Other members in the house think the smell is good
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