The Best Bass Headphone I have ever Used – Nu Republic Starboy Wireless with Mic Review

Finally I found a bass headphone in budget. This headphone support 3D, 8D Sounds. Quality of the headphone is premium. There is a Mic too.

1.Great sound quality(theatre like effects)
2.Good battery life
3.fits perfectly
4.charges within 3 hours to full capacity
5.range is not bad. You can listen music 10 meters away in another room.
6.pairs very fast and connects quickly as well.
7.looks very premium like a Rs 5,000 to 10,000 rs headphone.
Just go for it and experience sound in wireless set up within your budget.

School Bag in India Online shopping low price Suntop Omastar Review

Finding a perfect, good quality and cute school bag for kid is kind of challenging now a days. Some how, I found this school bag and my kid liked it a lot.

It’s having very unique zipper and design is very good. Quality of the bag and stiching is upto the mark and one can even use it for traveling, picnic etc.

Best Rucksack Backpack in India Suntop Tactical Laptop Rucksack Backpack Review

If you are a trekker, traveler you need a bag with rain protection. I found this bag and it’s quality is premium at low price.

In this bag, you can keep laptop with extra padding, clothes and other things. As i’m a light traveler, I would it good enough for my 2-3 month long trip.

Whey Protein Powder in India – DREXSPORT Proteins Supplement Review

Actually I’m not gym guy but bought this protein powered for my 7 years old kid. [After so much research]

The protein powder is organic, natural, high quality and high concentration and does not have artificial ingredients. DREXSPORT – Wild Whey Protein Powder is the tastiest protein ever .. My kid loving it.

Premium Quality Earphones In India Sennheiser Momentum in-Ear Wireless – M2 IEBT Review

I was a Bose lover all my life, I still own all kinds of headphones but wanted to give a shot at this brand.

I’m so happy to receive this premium product in a pocket range price. This is high quality sound producer and bass lovers will love it to. The whole physics of sound is embedded in this product.


1. Premium quality earphones, to add the leather neck band just adds more value to it.
2. Fitting is just perfect for my ears, offcourse you get adjustable ear plugs too.
3. The sound is near perfect especially if you are instrumental music lover. The deep sound and voice quality adds more cushion to your ears.
4. Battery life is decent, works as promised and if you regularly switch off the headset when not in use it adds more value.
5. The most important part is it’s durability, I have dropped these so many but it holds its quality.

I would highly recommended the product.