Review of Patanjali Cow’s Ghee – Baba Ramdev

Patanjali cow’s ghee, A product of Patanjali Ayurveda. We started using this since 1 to 2 years and very much satisfied with this ghee. The quality of the ghee is good and worth buying it.

Right now ghee comes in 200ml, 500ml, 1 liter and 5 liter packs. You can buy it by going to below-given link.

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Review of The Evolution of Gods by Ajay Kansal

As I like to read spirituality related books, I started reading this ‘The Evolution of God’ mindblowing book written by Ajay Kansal.

The Evolution of Gods

The Author did so much research before publishing his amazing work. Very easy to understand and read, easy to read, very engaging book. I even recommend it to school children’s to read this book because understanding religion and god is very important nowadays.

Ajay Kansal

Without understanding the history of religion and god, there will be a fight for the religious issue, conversion to other religions, our weakness used by politicians for vote bank.

Recommended? : Yes

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Review of Gliders from Liberty Men’s Black Slippers

The size of these slippers of flip flops are 7 but fits me perfectly. Some sandals size 7 is big for me. These are kind of Acupressure slippers which are very comfortable to use and walk around.


Even though these looks premium from top, Bottum of this slippers looks basic plastic. Very light weight.

LibertyMen's Black Slippers

Men's Black Slippers flip flops


Recommended? : Yes

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Review of Thari Choice Woman and Girls Ethnic Fashion Sandal Slipper

I was looking for very cheap and good quality sandals for my wife. At first, I bought 3 sandals from for Rs 399. She used those sandals for 2-3 years long. Now there was no offer on yepme, so I was searching and found these 3 sandals for Rs 499 on amazon.

 Thari Choice Woman and Girls Ethnic Fashion Sandal

These Thari sandals are hand made and look very good. Perfect for wedding and such kind of party. But not for off-roading as the bottom is not that hard. These are not waterproof so you have to keep them away from the water.

Thari Choice sandals

So the bottom line is: if you want sandals which are cheap and value for money, these are the one. I have paid Rs 499 for the set of 3 sandals.

Recommended? : Yes

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Decathlon Nabaiji Ultra Compact Quick Dry Microfiber Swimming Bath Towel

One of my friend who’s also traveler visited us. I noticed she had a bath towel which she bought it from Decathlon store, Bangalore. She said it dry within 10-15 minutes and it was very compact. As i stay away from bangalore, i started finding it online.

Quick dry decathlon towel travel

You can also buy same towel from Amazon store. Towel was very soft and take very very less space to keep in a bag.


If you are a traveler, this towel is a perfect one to buy.

Recommended? : Yes

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I was searching a bag for my kid which is 6 years old. Found this Quechua Arpenaz 10 L Day Hiking Backpack on Amazon India website.


Even though it was for hikers who is 10 years plus, it was fitting him perfectly.

Quechua Arpenaz Hiking Backpack 10 L ( Mint Green)

2 basic 25-degree sleeping bag and one medium sized decathlon Ultra compact microfibre towel fit perfectly inside the bag. Worth buying for day trip or for young children.

Recommended? : Yes

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Review of Microsoft Lumia 540 Dual SIM Windows 10 Smartphone

I bought this Microsoft Lumia 540 smartphone and it looks really good and it’s like a mini laptop.

microsoft lumia

You have to be very careful when you open Back cover. It’s a better idea to read user manual completely before using the phone.

Lumia 540

Camera quality is good by which you can really good pictures. The 8-megapixel camera is good enough for photography. You do not need 10 or more megapixel as long as you do not print them.

Microsoft mobileMicrosoft smartphoneNokia LumiaMicrosoft india

You can use dual sine and a memory card in this phone. This phone comes with windows 8.1 but you can update to Windows 10 using a free app called as ‘Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor’. You can download it from windows store.

Recommended? : If you are not addicted to the android app then this is good windows phone to buy. You will get 10-15 days long standby time!

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Review of QUECHUA Camping Sleeping Bag Blue 25 ° ARPENAZ

I have traveled many places around India and outside India. Sleeping was bit change for me. I was looking for a sleeping bag which cost less and very light weight to carry. After so much research, I ended up buying this Arpenaz Hiker’s 25° blue from Quechua, decathlon.

decathlon sleeping bag

QUECHUA sleeping bag


The quality of this sleeping bag is very basic and good enough for my requirements. Very light weight and in a 10Litr bag I can carry 2 sleeping bag.

Recommended?: Yes

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Low Cost Bra Review Asmi Creation Polka-Plain cotton bra 6 bra for Rs 575

I was finding low-cost basic quality bra and found this Asmi creation 6 bra for Rs 575 on Amazon India Website.

low cost bra in india

6 bra combo pack

The quality of the bra is very basic and good enough to wear at home. As we get 6 bra for just Rs 575, we cannot compare with a bra which cost more than Rs 500 each. If you want basic quality bra, then these are worth buying.


Recommended? : Yes

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Review of Action Shoes Unisex Beige Fashion Sandals for Kids

I bought this sandal for my 6-year-old kid. Top thing I liked is the bottom of the footwear which is having a non-slip grip! I never came across such footwear before. Top looks like high-quality leather.

Action Shoes Unisex Fashion Sandals

kids sandalAction Sandals I bought 9 kids UK/India (26 EU) size sandals for him. These action sandals are worth buying for kids. Cost you less.

Recommended?: Yes

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