Get your Free Amazon India Gift card of Rs 100

Free Amazon Gift Card of Rs 100

Just follow the below-given steps and earn Rs 100 Free Gift card or even Rs 200 extra!

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Now I’ll tell you how to earn Rs 200 each person you tell to do the same as I said.

  1. Once you create an account and buy any product listed on amazon worth Rs 300 or more as said before, then just follow the below-given step.
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Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

Very cute looking, light weight humidifier came with instruction manual. I use this as a bed room air freshner. Very easy to use and good quality product. I added 4-5 drops of The Balance Mantra Peppermint Essential Oil in a 500ml water bottle (in a water) and it gives nice aroma.

Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Humidifier Allin Exporters

Ultrasonic HumidifierUltra Quiet Humidifying Purifier

Water Bottle Humidifier

I’m really impressed by how compact this thing is. Other than that, when humidifier is on, colour keep on changing (check video attached with this review) My kid really liked it. Before buying, please check the pictures and video attached with this review. Click that “YES” if this review was helpful to you in anyway.

Recommended? : Yes

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Ice Blue Casual Shirt with Waistcoat Review

I bought this Ice Blue Casual Shirt with Waistcoat for Boys (4 years) from Amazon India. This is Very good quality product. Even after first wash, there was no colour bleed or fading problem at all! Pictures and video attached with this review is after first wash. Fits perfectly and value for money product. Before buying, please check the pictures and video attached with this review.

Ice BlueCasual Shirt with Waistcoat for Boys

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Recommended? : Yes