Premium Quality Ayurvedic Anti Ageing Cream In India

Blue Nectar Shubhr Anti Ageing Sandalwood & Saffron Cream is a completely natural way to help reduce the signs of ageing. It contains 14 Vital Herbs that provides key nutrients to skin to stay fresh, hydrated and reduction in signs of ageing.

I love the packaging of product,comes in such a nice intact box that even mishandling cannot damage the bottle inside. I use on my face,it always more of ayurvedic than any chemicals.

Fragrance of the cream is just awesome. And it does, what it says. Fully satisfied within a week usage.

Let me tell you why I liked it:
*Fantastic smell. I like fragrant cream and the sandalwood just engulf you once you open the tub. It calms me and makes me feel peaceful.
* The cream is neither runny nor thick. It is just in between in texture.
* 10 days isn’t enough to judge the anti aging claim, but it does keep my face hydrated and smooth. I sleep in AC room, and my skin super dry which made me feel stretchy in the morning. But with this as night cream, I don’t wake up to any dryness.

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Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Spa Facial Kit Review

Like a ‘fancy box of chocolates’ version of face creams.

+ The packaging is thoughtful, with some nice grasses and individual small containers and a nice box.
+ Soft skin noticed after 1 week of daily use.
+ Can make a nice gift due to packaging and the size.
Quantity of cream is small-to-moderate (15 or 25 grams each)
Likely to last a month or two if used daily
+ The experience of lemongrass is the most prominent of all the ingredients.

– The packaging is excessive from a ‘waste point of view’.
– Two of the creams appear to be the same in terms of look, smell, and feel.
– The face scrub is a bit sticky compared to other products in the home.
– It can be time consuming to use all 4 creams (5 minutes + 5 + 30 + … )

Other notes 
All four appear as the same with slight a change in colour and a very very very subtle change of smell. So subtle I’m more convinced it’s my mind telling me there is a difference rather than my senses actually detecting a difference in scent.

All textures are similar except for the scrub which has little micro beads of unknown material.

The quantity of cream is quite small. The directions say things like “apply a generous layer” or “apply a thick layer” which suggests that it will be used up over a short time.

The packaging appears to account for most of the weight of each container and the box uses a lot of packaging space for a small amount of actual product. Consider what you are actually buying here: a sample of a variety of creams.
May be useful as a gift or as a starting point and later if you like it you may wish to buy a larger version of the product if available.
We can see the reality of this packaging thing in how 3 of the containers each contain 15 grams of cream and the 4th contains 25 grams of cream, yet each container is the exact same size from the outside.

Spa Facial Kit

It’s sort of like a ‘box of fancy chocolates’ version of face creams…and all the chocolates are more or less the same except for the one with nuts…
Mostly it is the lemongrass experience that is noticed while using the product.

From Shreda:
Soft skin noticed after 1 week
Used every day
Takes time to do the full 4 of an hour..

Did you find a difference among 1,3,4?
1 and 3 are the same
2 is a face pack and is wiped off after 30 mins

Do you prefer 2 or the papaya cream?
Papaya cream. 2 is a little bit sticky

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Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream Review

I thought it might be useful to make clear which of the latin names correspond to the common language name in English, as only some were listed on the product, and the website does not contain this information in explicit form.
Also I’ve included a key medicinal action or a target condition for each plant medicine, in this way you can better know the allies you are working with to heal:

Dr. Juneja’s Roop Mantra

Latin name → Common English name ⇒ one possible medicinal action or target

Aloe vera → …latin name is the common name! :- O ⇒ speeds up healing
Ocimum sanctum → Tulsi or Holy Basil ⇒ treats dryness and pimples
Curcuma longa → Turmeric ⇒ treat acne and psoriasis (dry itchy skin)
Daucus carota → Wild carrot, Queen Anne’s Lace ⇒ anti-wrinkle
Pyrus malus → Paradise Apple, common apple ⇒ exfoliant (remove deal cells)
Citrus lemon or limon → Lemon ⇒ exfoliant
Cucumis sativus → Garden Cucumber ⇒ softens the skin
Prunus amygdalus → Almond ⇒ prevents wrinkles, pimples, and dry skin
Vitis vinefera → Common Grape ⇒ helps other ingredients to penetrate the skin
Glycyrrhiza glabra → Licorice ⇒ treatment of eczema
Azadirachta indica → Neem ⇒ a vehicle for other active ingredients
Santalum album → Indian Sandalwood ⇒ relief of acne and pimples

* Most of the above names and chosen attributes came from Plants For A Future (PFAF).
Other online sources included: PlanetAyurveda, HealWithFood, AstridaNaturals, HimayalaWellness, PaulasChoice, TruthInAging, and AlwaysAyurveda.

Ayurvedic Medicinal Cream

    • My opinion and experience (+ good, – bad, * neutral):
      Upon opening there are multiple recommendations to first wash with Roop Mantra Herbal Face Wash
    • Listed ingredients account for 15% of the contents…what’s the other 85%?

○ Q.S. = Quantum satis → “the amount which is enough”
○ Cream Base: Q.S. in this cases means 85% cream base
○ We aren’t told what is in the cream base…

+ There is a subtle scent that is quite nice
– Strong smells reminiscent of a chemical factory..or the bathroom section in a store
– The smell of creams and bathroom supplies in general is off-putting to me, and that comes out first and strongest, although the subtle scent makes for a nice buffer.

    • When applying there are a number of different smells:

+ First it smells quite nice and feels cool
– Then it smells pharmaceutical / ‘bathroom-cream products smell’
– It feels a bit prickly and I think to myself that my body doesn’t enjoy this, so I wash it off…

+ Other members in the house think the smell is good
For a review from someone who has used this product, see this article on the blog The Mirror on My Wall (near the bottom of the review):


For a list of things to consider about ‘Why you Should or Should Not use this cream’, see this article on Cobra Post (near the end, after ingredients in red):


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Vaadi Herbals Papaya Fairness Scrub Gel Review

The ‘Key Ingredients’ are simple, and if the product was only this I would treat it as food. As suggested by the scent there are probably other ingredients, hence this won’t be becoming my new jam! 😛

Vaadi Herbals What am I talking about?
…this is a cleansing face scrub:

+ Wholesome idea to scrub with the crushed seeds of a fruit
+ Gentle face scrub
+ Nice reminder to give a self-massage to the face
+ Fresh feeling on forehead 20 minutes after use
+ For use with a beard! Effective at removing dead skin and grime 😀
+ The packaging suggests that the product may be best kept fresh and away from oxygen. That being said, the design appears quite effective in doing this.

Fairness Scrub Gel

Additional remarks:
– The product makes me feel girly inside, so first I need to face this obstacle before investing my time further into using this product for my well-being.
+ A little bit of extra product on the hands easily wipes away and doesn’t leave the hands all oily like with cream-based products.
+ The suggested scrubbing time is 5 to 7 minutes and one way to keep motivated during this time is to remember the obvious benefits of a massage for the face (and temples!)

First Impressions 

The ingredients suggest that I can eat it, and by the smell I’m tempted at first. As the smell deepens I notice some similarity with other cream products and I wonder how explicit this ingredient list actually is. If I fully trusted it I think I might have some as jam with chapati ☺

Honey and Saffron

It’s quite a gentle face scrub and it reminds me how it’s nice to have a reason to give oneself a little face massage. 5 to 7 minutes? Woah..was my first reaction..then I thought about the face massage aspect and realized I’m using my time quite effectively. For me it is especially nice around the temples.

In hindsight while looking at the product I’m thinking that it’s a wholesome idea to scrub with the crushed seeds of a fruit. Who knows what other products use? Just thinking about it…plastic would scrub really well…

Next time maybe I’ll take more and work it into my beard…if it removes the oil and grime there then I’d be a big fan of it.

The packaging gets the thinking that the product is sensitive to oxygen and would maybe experience colour change if left exposed. There is a plastic piece to act as barrier between the gel and the air inside the container.

The smell makes me feel girly I need to face that obstacle to continue using the product.

A little bit of extra product on the hands easily wipes away and doesn’t leave the hands all oily like with cream.

After 20 minutes
Fresh feeling on forehead
Images of feeling bright or wide-eyed come to mind.

Now I’ve noticed the the ingredients are listed as ‘key ingredients’ so my initial assessment it probably accurate that there’s more to it which is not listed and I should not make a tasty treat of it.

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The Balance Mantra Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Review

+Most noticeable is the scent, which I found to be pure.
+Some other coconut oils have a toasted smell, which may suggest that the heat became high during the extraction process.
+The taste is fine, though I personally enjoy the toasted taste more.
+Due to the pureness of the product, I would guess that it is most effective in delivering the healing properties of coconut.

In actual fact, today I climbed a coconut tree to harvest coconut water for the first time. When I came back to the ground, my arms and chest had many scrapes and bruises. I applied this coconut oil and by evening time my arms are feeling smooth again, and my chest has greatly improved.

Coconut oil can also be very effective for use as a sun protection, so if you would rather not smell like toasted coconut, it might be worth the price to buy this oil instead.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Without specific research, it can only be guessed that a lower extraction heat results in a more effective healing product.
Keeping more volatile oils and nutrients intact within the product may result in a more effective healing medium.
I suggest you to do your own research before hinging a decision on this alone.

Additional note:
The design of the pourer found under the cap allows one to pour the oil nearly drop by drop.

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