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Build Your Own Custom Laptop High Performance at Low Price in India

One of my cousin sister contacted me for laptop recommendation. She is doing a Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) [B.Des. (FD)] in Manipal Academy of Higher Education. She wanted high performing laptop for graphic design. When she searched in the market, she found that such laptops are priced around Rs 70,000 plus. But her budget was Rs 40,000. When I told her to buy used one, her mother was against it as she had a hard time with used things. So, she wanted a new laptop for photo editing under 30,000 or 40,000 maximum amount.

So I have started searching the market but I failed to find any. So I have decided to build it or you can say customize the laptop. She already had a Sony laptop with Intel i3 processor which had many issues like there was a line on the screen, laptop performance was slow, the laptop battery was almost dead, the keyboard was not working etc. So as Amazon India had an exchange offer for laptops,  I recommended exchanging her old laptop for new one.

In short, I have bought her an i5 processor laptop for Rs 40,000 which was with 4gb ram, GeForce 940MX Dedicated Graphics by exchanging her old sony laptop. I got around Rs 6,500 for her old laptop as a discount for buying a new one. So the new notebook cost her only around Rs 34,000.

I also bought an SSD, extra 8GB Ram and external hard disk casing. List of the items which I have bought for her is listed below.

➡️8GB Ram :
➡️Portable External Harddisk Casing :
➡️Solid State Drive (SSD) :

Please check below video to know how I have fixed them in laptop and other important information which will make a laptop performance very high which normally get it onnotebook which cost you Rs 70,000 plus.

If you have any questions, Please leave a comment on that video.

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Gamdias ARES-GKC 100 Gaming (Membrane keyboard + mouse) Review

If you have personal computer or laptop, you know how important keyboard and mouse is. This Gamdias ARES-GKC 100 is perfect no only for gaming, but very convenient for a daily user.

gaming keyboardGamdias ARES-GKC 100

Membrane keyboard + mouseGaming keyboard and mouse

Gaming mouseGamdias Mouse

With special dedicated hotkeys like My computer, home, email, search, calculater, play/puse and many other key’s which makes life easy. Very smooth key board with mouse both of them looks very modern. Worth buying for gamer or for every everyday users. Before buying, please check the pictures attached with this review.

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