The Best Bass Headphone I have ever Used – Nu Republic Starboy Wireless with Mic Review

Finally I found a bass headphone in budget. This headphone support 3D, 8D Sounds. Quality of the headphone is premium. There is a Mic too.

1.Great sound quality(theatre like effects)
2.Good battery life
3.fits perfectly
4.charges within 3 hours to full capacity
5.range is not bad. You can listen music 10 meters away in another room.
6.pairs very fast and connects quickly as well.
7.looks very premium like a Rs 5,000 to 10,000 rs headphone.
Just go for it and experience sound in wireless set up within your budget.

Best Power Bank in India Mi 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i Review

My cousin wanted to buy best power bank which provide 2-3 charges for 3000mAh smartphone batter. His budget was low like, he wanted power bank under Rs 1,000. After searching I got one for him under Rs 800.

Mi 10000 2i power bank. very nice design sleek,slim ,may be easily be kept in pocket.

1. Quick charging output
2. Matte Finish looks premium (I loved the Dark Blue Matte Design)
3. Design is not a fingerprint magnet
4. Dual charging is supported
5. Automatic charging & discharging feature
6. Battery charge level is displayed through LED Lights – almost accurately

1. Feels a bit bulky (but it’s because of the battery – Depends on you, I was ok with the heaviness)
2. Can’t quick charge the power bank itself. [I tried quick charging with a quick charger, but it takes around the same time]
3. Only two options with colors : Blue / Black (I wish MI had introduced different colors, which would make the bank look more good and choicy)
4. Could have had bigger LED lights – The LED lights are so small you hardly notice from a distance.

Summary : very good product and all the products can be taken care of by just handling well. I would suggest buying this for anyone looking for affordable power banks


Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Stereo Sound Hands Free Mic – Boat Rockerz 275 Review

Boat Rockerz 275 Which is a Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Stereo Sound and Hands-Free Mic. First I will explain to you about features and specification.

Features and specification

This is a neckband style earphone, comes with a 12mm dynamic drivers and is powered by the CSR8635 chipset which claims to produce ample amount of sound while keeping the bass level high.

Rockerz 275 utilizes a gleaming housing, flexible headband, and an in-ear design to create a seal between the ear tips and your ear canal providing a locked-in, noise-isolating in-ear fit for any activity.

The earphones are equipped with Bluetooth version 4.1 and are IPX5 rated that offers sweat and water-resistant design.
It is having a 150mAh battery that promise to deliver up to 10 hours of playback. You can charge it to full within two hours and with around 20 minutes of charging can give a user up to two hours of run time. standby for around 200 hours.

why everyone’s making those neckband earphones?

With most wireless in-ears, all of that is typically put in an inline controller or stuffed in the earbuds themselves. When either of those are done poorly, it can throw off how the earphones balance their weight. They’ll look normal, but they’ll have a harder time staying comfortable. Here, there’s no concern about space. As a result, the most obvious benefit is that there’s more room to implement a bigger battery.

No more tangled cables – The base of the cable is stashed in the neckband, too, which means there’s less material to get tied together.
After lots of research, I found that because of the neckband, we get better battery life, no more tangled cables and earpieces become lightweight as battery and most of the electronics fixed in neckband. Which was true with Boat Rockerz 275. Even the neckband is very soft.

For the complete review, please watch this video

My Boat Rockerz 275 Review

I and my wife used it for some time and we found that it produces Crystal clear sound quality and this is a Best Noise-Canceling Earphone we used so far. the neckband is very soft. bluetooth pairing is simple. You can pair 2 devices at a time. Bluetooth range is strictly around 8 meters.
When connected device is not in the range, this headphone switches off automatically after a couple of minutes.
Bass excellent. The battery is good which lasts for around 8hrs. Magnets on each earpiece are good which helps to stick on to our body.
When you go far, playing a track on the device pauses automatically.
AptX is a codec that is enabled by default and no need to do extra setting for it.
In the box its written that it has a pouch in it but there’s no pouch in it.
Overall good for the money. Boat Rockerz 275 comes with 3 colors. Active black, electric pink and this one is intense pink. If you have a girlfriend, sister or wife, you can gift this one to her. She will like it for sure.

You can buy it using this Amazon India link

Review of Microsoft Lumia 540 Dual SIM Windows 10 Smartphone

I bought this Microsoft Lumia 540 smartphone and it looks really good and it’s like a mini laptop.

microsoft lumia

You have to be very careful when you open Back cover. It’s a better idea to read user manual completely before using the phone.

Lumia 540

Camera quality is good by which you can really good pictures. The 8-megapixel camera is good enough for photography. You do not need 10 or more megapixel as long as you do not print them.

Microsoft mobileMicrosoft smartphoneNokia LumiaMicrosoft india

You can use dual sine and a memory card in this phone. This phone comes with windows 8.1 but you can update to Windows 10 using a free app called as ‘Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor’. You can download it from windows store.

Recommended? : If you are not addicted to the android app then this is good windows phone to buy. You will get 10-15 days long standby time!

buy it

Aeoss Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter for Mobile Phone with stand Review

Now a days, mobile or smartphones having good quality camera and it produces good quality pictures. So I sold my old Nikon 20 megapixel point shot and started using Samsung galaxy A3  for taking pictures and videos. Whenever I used to take a group shot, I use my tripod. But tripod cannot hold mobile. I tried fixing with a rubber band but it’s very risky. Then I started finding some adapter which can hold my mobile on my sony VCT-R640 tripod. I found this Aeoss ® Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder on Amazon India.

Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter for Mobile Phone with stand Aeoss Camera Stand Clip

This Tripod Monopod Mount Adapter for Mobile Phone with stand is good quality product and exactly what I needed. I used it with my Samsung galaxy A3 smartphone. Fixed it and I use self-timer to take group pictures. Works perfectly. If you do not have a tripod, you can still use it as there is a small stand attached which you can use it and take pictures while traveling around. Very easy to install and remove smartphones and it’s a light weight product.

Recommended: Yes

buy it