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Review of Spruce Shave Club 5X Shaving Razor for Men 

I’m a user of Gillette MACH3 Turbo since 3-4 years. I loved to use it, Now for a change I bought this almost unknown branded Razor called as which is having 5 blades! 

5 Long lasting and sharp American blades plus 1 precision trimmer for the closest and smoothest shave! and 
Extra aloe vera lubricating strip that gives extra protection and moisturizes your skin.

This razor gives a very smooth Shave without any burning, irritation or skin cut. I find it way better than Gillette Mach 3 Turbo. 
Because of 5 blades, it gives close shave in one round itself! Loved it.

You can buy it or read more about it on Amazon India

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Whey Protein Powder in India – DREXSPORT Proteins Supplement Review

Actually I’m not gym guy but bought this protein powered for my 7 years old kid. [After so much research]

The protein powder is organic, natural, high quality and high concentration and does not have artificial ingredients. DREXSPORT – Wild Whey Protein Powder is the tastiest protein ever .. My kid loving it.

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Patanjali Anti Bacterial Herbal HandWash Review

Personal Recommendation:
Consider finding products without additives, otherwise this looks fine.

Personal Opinion:
+ Very nice smell
+ The soap comes off the hands easily and leaves no noticeable residue
+ Product is sold as both a pump bottle and refill sachet
– 2 synthetic preservatives, perfume, and colour

(+ good, – bad, * neutral)

Plant medicine ingredients:
+ Azadirachta indica → Neem ⇒ clears toxins, antifungal, promotes healing
+ Ocimum sanctum → Tulsi or Holy Basil ⇒ antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and wound healing
Other ingredients:
◙ Aqua → water
◙ Gel base → …just one of those unknowns chalked up to trust
– Diazolidenyl urea → synthetic preservative ⇒ mild irritation for sensitive skin types
– IPBC → synthetic preservative ⇒ gastrointestinal and liver toxin, risks to human reproduction and development, risk of skin allergy
◙ Sugandhit dravya → aromatic substance ⇒ to improve the scent
◙ Permitted colour (CI: 15985)
◙ QS either referring to the base materials as a whole or specifically to the colour. Either way, it means ‘the amount which is enough’.

Information sources: Plants For A Future (PFAF), PlanetAyurveda, TruthInAging, AnnMarrieGianni, Google, Wikipedia, PersonalCareCouncil

Triclosan-free (synthetic additive found in other cosmetic products, including handwashes)

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KayosNaturals Max Strength Garcinia Cambogia Review

Weight Loss Supplement and Fat Burner

From research online, the following are the attributes of Garcinia Cambogia:

  • Reduce appetite and hunger
  • Promote feeling of fullness

Listen for these signals from the body, and respond appropriately.

According to recommendations from AliveByNature.com, this product appears fine.
No warning alarms are being signalled, and it is meeting the minimum requirements of:

  • 60% HCA
  • no filler ingredients
  • and a decent pill size (500 mg)

KayosNaturals Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Other considerations:

  1. As for the cost-value, one would need to shop around for the most HCA content, and then compare prices:
    ‘mg’ times ‘HCA %’ times ‘number of pills’ equals ‘total mg of HCA’
    For KayosNatural: 500 mg * 60% * 60 pills = 18 000 mg of HCA
    One must also consider if there are additives or other fillers.
  2. It is the opinion of this writer that for the attributes of this plant to be effective, a person has to hear these signals from the body “I’m not feeling hunger” or “I feel quite full”, and then respond and follow the natural advice to then eat appropriately. If one is eating to satisfy the mind (to meet mental craving, or to provide taste stimulation, or as energy for the mind), then I wonder how this would work. Please comment as per your experiences!

Additional findings:

500 mg twice daily = 1000 mg per day

{Poor metaphor..hmm
– Imagine you have a book shelf in your home and the books are collecting dust and no one is reading them. If you start reading books, the shelf will naturally become cleaner over time. Your body can be kind of like that. There is stored fat that isn’t being used. By eating a high-fat diet the body learns to burn fat, and naturally the excess fats will also get burned.
– People may also want to look into the Ketogenic diet, and burning fat by having a high-fat diet. Think of it like this: if your body is like a house and the house is beginning to get dirty, but it is still quite liveable, yet you want it to be clean. If an event takes place and the house becomes really dirty, it will necessitate cleaning. Feed the body more fat and it will start burning fat as it’s source of energy, naturally some of the stored fats will also be burned since your body is in the process of burning fat anyway.}


  • 1200 mg shows 3 pounds weightloss over 8 weeks
  • 2400 mg shows 4-5 pounds weightloss
  • Recommended at least 60% HCA
  • Reduces hunger
  • Helps to promote feeling of fullness
  • Increase serotonin to reduce appetite
  • Blocks the production of new fats in the body
  • Given the status of Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA in the USA

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Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

Very cute looking, light weight humidifier came with instruction manual. I use this as a bed room air freshner. Very easy to use and good quality product. I added 4-5 drops of The Balance Mantra Peppermint Essential Oil in a 500ml water bottle (in a water) and it gives nice aroma.

Allin Exporters Ultrasonic Humidifier Allin Exporters

Ultrasonic HumidifierUltra Quiet Humidifying Purifier

Water Bottle Humidifier

I’m really impressed by how compact this thing is. Other than that, when humidifier is on, colour keep on changing (check video attached with this review) My kid really liked it. Before buying, please check the pictures and video attached with this review. Click that “YES” if this review was helpful to you in anyway.

Recommended? : Yes

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