Best Microphone for Youtube Vlogging in India

Maono Mic Review

If you have a youtube channel or into press reporting, like to take interviews on video, then I found a right microphone for you. I’m also a video creator on youtube ( ) and I was searching for a mic to improve audio quality in video which I produce.

Dual microphone for Youtuber by Maono

I bought this from Amazon India and audio quality produced by this mic is very good. There is almost no setup for this, just plug and play. If you are shooting video using smartphones, just plug it into 3.5mm audio jack and you are ready to record video or audio.

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Premium Quality Earphones In India Sennheiser Momentum in-Ear Wireless โ€“ M2 IEBT Review

I was a Bose lover all my life, I still own all kinds of headphones but wanted to give a shot at this brand.

Iโ€™m so happy to receive this premium product in a pocket range price. This is high quality sound producer and bass lovers will love it to. The whole physics of sound is embedded in this product.


1. Premium quality earphones, to add the leather neck band just adds more value to it.
2. Fitting is just perfect for my ears, offcourse you get adjustable ear plugs too.
3. The sound is near perfect especially if you are instrumental music lover. The deep sound and voice quality adds more cushion to your ears.
4. Battery life is decent, works as promised and if you regularly switch off the headset when not in use it adds more value.
5. The most important part is itโ€™s durability, I have dropped these so many but it holds its quality.

I would highly recommended the product.

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Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly For Oneplus With frame or Without

My nephew got a gift from a Australian guy, he gave him oneplus 2 with broken screen ๐Ÿ™‚ So he wanted to find me a screen for it.  So i started finding offline but it was not possible to get as I’m staying in village. So found this online.

Found this one called as Sirius Care LCD Display + Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly For Oneplus 2

After buying it, we fixed it in local mobile repairing shop. Now oneplus smartphone started working like new without any issue.


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