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    Patanjali Anti Bacterial Herbal HandWash Review

    Personal Recommendation: Consider finding products without additives, otherwise this looks fine. Personal Opinion: + Very nice smell + The soap comes off the hands easily and leaves no noticeable residue + Product is sold as both a pump bottle and refill sachet – 2 synthetic preservatives, perfume, and colour (+ good, – bad, * neutral) Plant medicine ingredients: + Azadirachta indica → Neem ⇒ clears toxins, antifungal, promotes healing + Ocimum sanctum → Tulsi or Holy Basil ⇒ antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and wound healing Other ingredients: ◙ Aqua → water ◙ Gel base → …just one of those unknowns chalked up to trust – Diazolidenyl urea → synthetic preservative ⇒ mild…

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