The Balance Mantra Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Review

+Most noticeable is the scent, which I found to be pure.
+Some other coconut oils have a toasted smell, which may suggest that the heat became high during the extraction process.
+The taste is fine, though I personally enjoy the toasted taste more.
+Due to the pureness of the product, I would guess that it is most effective in delivering the healing properties of coconut.

In actual fact, today I climbed a coconut tree to harvest coconut water for the first time. When I came back to the ground, my arms and chest had many scrapes and bruises. I applied this coconut oil and by evening time my arms are feeling smooth again, and my chest has greatly improved.

Coconut oil can also be very effective for use as a sun protection, so if you would rather not smell like toasted coconut, it might be worth the price to buy this oil instead.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Without specific research, it can only be guessed that a lower extraction heat results in a more effective healing product.
Keeping more volatile oils and nutrients intact within the product may result in a more effective healing medium.
I suggest you to do your own research before hinging a decision on this alone.

Additional note:
The design of the pourer found under the cap allows one to pour the oil nearly drop by drop.

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ST. D’VENCÉ Autumn Edition Body Moisturiser Review.


This cream has received mixed reviews from our family.

+The child says it smells like the jasmine flower, and he really likes the smell.
+The nephew finds the sensation cooling on the skin, but finds that it is irritating to get the cream from the bottle…similar to a ketchup bottle.

-This writer thinks it smells like a chemical factory.
-The woman says it smells “not nice”, and inside she feels nauseous, like vomiting.

+The man has been using it as a body cream and finds it has a warming sensation. On the face it produces pimples, although the same happens with simple aloe vera cream. He says the smell is fine.

Other notes
From Akshay
Cool(ing) sensation on the skin when he feels it on his back
Irritating to get the cream from the ketchup

Shreeda says it smells like jasmine flower. He really likes the smell…
I think it smells like a chemical factory
Shradha thinks it smells ‘not nice’…inside feels like vomiting
There are lots of ingredients in the list and it has many additional non-plant based ingredients. We don’t know how this compares to the Vaadi products because only key ingredients are listed for that.

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