Review of The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami

My brother-in-law and sister in ISKCON group since last 2-3 years. Since last 1 year, I started reading many books related to spirituality, autobiography, travel etc. Person like me who hate to read books even when there are exams, who rather prefer to watch WWF (wrestling) on television started reading this kind of books.

 Radhanath Swami
When she came to know about my new hobby, she recommended me to read ‘The Journey Home’ Autobiography of an American swami. I hesitated at first as I hate groupisum and I thought like it must be another book which indirectly motivate us to join ISKCON movement.

review of The Journey Home
But I was totally wrong. This book is an amazing travelogue and very well written. Easy to read, not even need to of dictionary near by. Story of Richard, who started traveling with his friends from United states of America, using land, sea, hitchhiking, without almost no money.. ended up traveling alone, becoming Radhanath swami! Even if you are not into spirituality, but love to read crazy and unforgettable travel stories…this book is for you!
There are many small stories inside this book. Every night, my son ask me to tell a new crazy story. So when I said some stories from this book, he liked them all. He’s just 6 years old and there are many stories even small kid like him can understand.
Thanks for bhakti tirtha swami for convincing Radhanath swami to publish a book on his own life story. If not, we may not come across this wonderful book!

Recommended: Yes!

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