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MCT Oil from Coconut Oil from 
Kayos Naturals 

Keto diet is an effective way to lose body fat and stay healthy. Infact, Keto is 
low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits. This MCT oil from Kayos Naturals is perfect for people who follow such diet. 

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are known as “healthy fats” that may help your body achieve Ketosis – the process which your body burns fat for energy.

This Unsweetened coconut oil is a perfect alternative to traditional oils. I tried it in Ganji (parboiled rice with rice water) and it was good and very filling. But it doen’t have any taste.

My wife makes a special drink in which she adds Coriander seed powder, cumin seed powder and she boils it with milk. After boiling, she started to add one tablespoon of Kayos MCT oil in it. While drinking she gets kind of vanilla flavor and she feels filled for 2-3 hours long. Which makes it as a perfect drink for weight loss.

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KayosNaturals Max Strength Garcinia Cambogia Review

Weight Loss Supplement and Fat Burner

From research online, the following are the attributes of Garcinia Cambogia:

  • Reduce appetite and hunger
  • Promote feeling of fullness

Listen for these signals from the body, and respond appropriately.

According to recommendations from AliveByNature.com, this product appears fine.
No warning alarms are being signalled, and it is meeting the minimum requirements of:

  • 60% HCA
  • no filler ingredients
  • and a decent pill size (500 mg)

KayosNaturals Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Other considerations:

  1. As for the cost-value, one would need to shop around for the most HCA content, and then compare prices:
    ‘mg’ times ‘HCA %’ times ‘number of pills’ equals ‘total mg of HCA’
    For KayosNatural: 500 mg * 60% * 60 pills = 18 000 mg of HCA
    One must also consider if there are additives or other fillers.
  2. It is the opinion of this writer that for the attributes of this plant to be effective, a person has to hear these signals from the body “I’m not feeling hunger” or “I feel quite full”, and then respond and follow the natural advice to then eat appropriately. If one is eating to satisfy the mind (to meet mental craving, or to provide taste stimulation, or as energy for the mind), then I wonder how this would work. Please comment as per your experiences!

Additional findings:

500 mg twice daily = 1000 mg per day

{Poor metaphor..hmm
– Imagine you have a book shelf in your home and the books are collecting dust and no one is reading them. If you start reading books, the shelf will naturally become cleaner over time. Your body can be kind of like that. There is stored fat that isn’t being used. By eating a high-fat diet the body learns to burn fat, and naturally the excess fats will also get burned.
– People may also want to look into the Ketogenic diet, and burning fat by having a high-fat diet. Think of it like this: if your body is like a house and the house is beginning to get dirty, but it is still quite liveable, yet you want it to be clean. If an event takes place and the house becomes really dirty, it will necessitate cleaning. Feed the body more fat and it will start burning fat as it’s source of energy, naturally some of the stored fats will also be burned since your body is in the process of burning fat anyway.}


  • 1200 mg shows 3 pounds weightloss over 8 weeks
  • 2400 mg shows 4-5 pounds weightloss
  • Recommended at least 60% HCA
  • Reduces hunger
  • Helps to promote feeling of fullness
  • Increase serotonin to reduce appetite
  • Blocks the production of new fats in the body
  • Given the status of Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA in the USA

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Kayos 28 Day Teatox Review

First Impression
Look: mix of big chunks and smaller pieces, all the way to powder.
Smell: woah! Amazing! Yummm. Smell of cinnamon is the most prominent.
Taste: sampled big chunk of mystery brown stuff…taste tells me it is tamarind.
Internal experience: excitement to try. Desire is building


After brewing reflections
Look: Bronze colour looks healthy more than it looks appetizing. Much like milk Chai tea looks delicious much more than it looks healthy! After some time there is a mat of residue on the bottom of the glass that passed through the strainer and the liquid has gained clarity.
Smell: slight cinnamon smell with some sweetness. Pleasant aroma.
Taste: keynote is the tamarind at the forefront. Aftertaste is bitter and astringent. Holding in mouth it is sweet and pleasantly warming.
Internal experience: energizing, some soft activity in the stomach. The urge to drink more comes with the refreshing feeling. Some heat in the face is felt after some time (30 minutes or so.) Tiredness came and after est for about an hour then a bowel movement happened, and the bladder was relieved before that: showcasing its effectiveness in clearing the body out, and in a gentle way.

28 Day Teatox – Detox Herbal Tea for Weight Loss – Slimming Tea with Garcinia Cambogia Intention: To review this tea as a drink only, not over a duration as a detox nor weight loss tool.
Research note: among the active plant medicine ingredients is Garcinia cambogia (named Uppage in Kannada language, Karnataka, India.) According to Wikipedia it has similar culinary usage as the common tamarind plant: Taramindus indica. Hence, the prominent tamarind taste in the flavour profile.

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