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This is how my wife started losing weight in just 7 Days…

My wife always wanted to lose weight and tried many diet plans, walking etc. She lost weight quickly when we were traveling around Shimla, where we walked around 10+ km every day. One special day, we walked around 20km in a day. But after that trip, she started gaining weight again.

Nowadays she started using natural garcinia cambogia combo Capsules by Vinshi Wellness. As my wife started taking this, there was no pooping for 2 days! Still, she used to take 2 capsules, one before breakfast and another one before dinner. On 3rd day, everything became normal. There was no major changes by capsules, like feeling full or reduction in body weight.

After 6 days, she started taking 2 capsules for once around 45 minutes before lunchtime. Then she started seeing some big changes like she was not feeling hungry just after taking capsules. Major changes are after 5 days of taking 2 capsules, she started feeling light, and actually, the body weight started reducing!

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Other than these capsules, she works a lot inside the house in cooking food, cleaning the house, and in the organic garden too. I think she walks around 10+ km every day inside and outside of the house itself. She avoid having dinner, she just has ragi powder boiled in the water around 5 pm. Morning she has breakfast (rice related items like dosa, neer dosa, idle most of the time) Never has coffee or tea. Lunch is like, parboiled rice and curry, chutney, curd, rasam (all organic directly from the farm) And yeah, she is vegetarian and hardly have junk food or packed food.

If you have any questions, Please post below. I will answer them shorty!