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Natural Alternative for Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Traveling changed a lot of things in my lifestyle. I have almost stopped using chemicals, packed food in daily life, and more into an organic lifestyle. I was trying to find Natural alternatives and recently I bought this toothbrush and powder which I find very interesting, alternative to toxic toothpaste.

Tooth powder was with Himalayan pink salt, brush with charcoal-infused in its bristles which I find very interesting. Charcoal toothpowder has 3 powerful natural ingredients which are Activated Charcoal Powder, baking soda, and Himalayan pink salt.

Combine with a bamboo toothbrush with charcoal-infused in its bristles, what a combination! Activated charcoal has loads of benefits for teeth and bamboo toothbrush is plastic-free, biodegradable, ecofriendly.

Personal Experience

I have been using this activated charcoal tooth powder and brush for more than a week. My wife used to complain to me about my bad breath from mouth which has reduced a lot. Teeth become whiter and tooth sensitivity stopped.

The best thing is it’s natural and I hate starting my day by putting chemicals in the mouth. Please comment below and share your story into chemical-free life, Or the changes you made in your life into a natural way of living.

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If you have any questions, Please post below. I will answer them shorty!