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My wife was in search of a short trip bag and on searching on amazon India she found this eco-friendly bag. The title mentioned that Women’s Cotton Eco-Friendly Handmade Signature Graphic Design Printed Large Duffel Bag / Purse. But when I did some more research, I found that in the product description it’s mentioned that it’s made of synthetic, on Flipkart for the same bag, they mentioned that it’s a canvas. However, on reviews, I read buyers think it’s a made of cotton.

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Eco friendly bags online india

The answer largely depends on person to person when “eco-friendly” is brought up in discussion. Some people believe that eco-friendly refers to things that don’t pollute the land, streams, and oceans. For those people, canvas tote bags are truly eco-friendly and alternatives to plastic bags.

Most designs have been made of leather or other natural materials. Current technologies allow synthetic such as polypropylene to replace natural materials – these can easily be molded or woven and made in exotic colors.

This bag we bought it from amazon and the size of it 17×8.5×13 inch. Looks like plastic but when we touched, we felt like cotton. 2-4 clothes and other small items can fit in this. Which makes it the best weekender bag. Suitable for women, ladies, and even for young girls.

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